Pag's Instant Theatre will involve your students, of any age or ability, in a unique, spontaneous theatre production using the English they already know, without props, costumes or scenery.

The story, for instance, is made up of the answers that students call out in response to Pag's non-leading questions. All answers are accepted, with rare exceptions. Pag adds nothing to the story, so everything in the play will be understood by most of the audience, and everyone will understand something.

Everything is voluntary, but there is never a shortage of volunteers! Objects and special effects are acted out by the students, so there is always an opportunity to take part, whatever someone's ability.


A performance lasts for one hour and fifteen minutes and takes place in your school. You will need to provide a large room and moveable seating. The maximum number of students is 100. After the show, teacher notes are available so you can try Instant Theatre yourself in the classroom. And remember...

No student is made to do anything they do not want to do.

The minumum of information is imposed in the beginning.

Everyone can choose the extent to which they become involved.

All the English that is spoken is easy to understand.

Students make up the story that they want to hear.

All of the student's ideas, with only one or two necessary exceptions, are accepted into the story.

Students must listen to each other and co-operate for the process to work.

The stories that emerge are usually hilarious.

By coming out to act students find themselves speaking English spontaneously in unexpected situations.

The whole experience is one that audiences never forget.